Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hummingbird Festival

Please accept my apology for the many pictures included in this blog. We had such a great time at the Hummingbird Festival, I just want to share every moment.
Below is Josh, Mary Kaitlyn, Madelyn, and Gracie waiting patiently for a hummingbird to be caught and brought over to this station. This was the hummingbird banding station. They measured the bird, weighed the bird, and recorded whether it was male or female. If you look in the background of this picture, you see a man sitting at a table. If you look even closer, you can see many fishing lines leaving his table and leading to behind the building. There were cages back there with hummingbird feeders in them. When the birds entered to cage, the man would use the fishing line to close the cage doors. They would then capture the bird and put it in a mesh bag.

This is a hummingbird being taken out of a mesh bag.

This hummingbird was very vocal. The man wrapped a silk stocking around the bird so he couldn't fly off. It also helped when he laid the bird on the scale to be weighed. This bird weighed between what a penny and nickel weigh.

The bird is being measured. Each captured bird is banded and its measurements recorded.

Below is "Madelyn's" hummingbird. This is the bird that she got to hold before being released.

This is "Mary Kaitlyn's" bird. She also got to hold one that was released after being banded.

This is Stella. She is a barn owl that was rescued from being kept in a parrot cage.

Mary Kaitlyn, Gracie, and Madelyn wear peacock feathers in their hair.

The girls got to look through microscopes.

Mary Kaitlyn touching a lizard. She told the lady that it felt like rubber.

We got to go exploring with a biologist. The girls are in a pond in this picture. The pond was all dried up.

All the children were given nets to catch critters. We saw many bugs and spiders after turning over several logs.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out????

This morning during breakfast Madelyn was sharing some details from her last P.E. class. She was telling Mary Kaitlyn and myself about a dance-off they had last week. She said that they got to do the song "Who Let the Dogs Out?" two times. Madelyn then went on to sing a little from that song. Several minutes after this conversation, Mary Kaitlyn so sweetly asked me "When do we find out who let the dogs out?" I did my best not to laugh. So, do you know, who let the dogs out?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quotes about the 1st day of school

I have several quotes that I need to share before I forget.

Madelyn said that 3rd grade is "totally awesome." (Because "that is what 3rd graders say" according to her)

Mary Kaitlyn has been talking about her new friends Reid and Sara. She said "I hope my new best friend, Reid, doesn't fall in love with me." (You want to place a bet with me on how soon I will have this girl in a ALL GIRLS school)

Madelyn likes sitting next to a couple of her old friends from her 2nd grade class. She has 7 friends in her class from last year along with some other friends from older classes.

Mary Kaitlyn had a friend tell her today that "she is better than an artist" while she was coloring an owl picture.

I am so thankful that our prayers were answered with the girls having a great 1st day.

1st Day of School

Madelyn and Mary Kaitlyn started school today. I was able to walk to class with both girls. The girls are excited about their school year.
Mary Kaitlyn


Our beautiful girls

Mary Kaitlyn sitting at her desk. She is getting ready to draw a picture of herself on her 1st day of 1st grade.
Mrs. Julie, Mary Kaitlyn, and Ms. Nance

Madelyn sitting at her desk working on a word find puzzle.

Mrs. Payne and Madelyn

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating July 4th

Jimmy, the girls, and I went to Bellevue with friends to celebrate the 4th of July (a week early). It was a great set-up. The children could ride their scooters and play in the grassy area. The event offered some wonderful carnival food. At the end of the night, we saw some great fireworks. It was a wonderful time with family and friends!
Mary Kaitlyn riding her scooter.

Madelyn playing games

Josh and Mary Kaitlyn

Gracie and Madelyn

Madelyn and Gracie enjoy the firework show

Jimmy covers Mary Kaitlyn ears because she doesn't like the loud noises coming from the fireworks.

Madelyn at home with sparklers

Mary Kaitlyn cautiously holds her sparkler

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aladdin, Jr Production

Madelyn and Mary Kaitlyn attended theater camp in June. They went daily for 4 hours and put on a BIG show on Friday night. The play they rehearsed for was Aladdin, Jr. Madelyn got casted as Genie and Mary Kaitlyn got the part of a Cave Dweller. They had a blast at camp and did a great job in the production!

Mary Kaitlyn as a Cave Dweller

Madelyn as Genie (Her arm is bandaged due to a procedure and a bout with staph infection)

Tennessee Vacation

Buddy and Betty Jean with the grandkids.

Jimmy, the girls, and I went on vacation to Gatlinburg, TN. Jimmy's parents and his sister and her family went with us. Madelyn and Mary Kaitlyn had extra fun spending time with their cousins. We went to Dollywood, Splash Country, Ripley's Aquarium, and Dixie Stampede. Jimmy, Debbie, Lyle, Betty Jean, and I took in a show at Memories. We saw Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams, Jr, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis. It was a great show. Jimmy, Betty Jean, Madelyn, and Haley went to The Miracle Show. The show took the audience through Jesus' life.

The hot tub at the cabin was a HUGE hit with Madelyn, Haley, Mary Kaitlyn, and Brandon.

Our cabin

One of the views from our cabin

Brandon and Mary Kaitlyn enjoy breakfast on the balcony.

Haley, Mary Kaitlyn, Brandon, and Madelyn are getting ready to start their trip through the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg.

Madelyn and Mary Kaitlyn pose in front of one of the fish tanks.

Madelyn, Haley, Brandon, and Mary Kaitlyn in front of the fish tank where we saw a show.

Haley, Madelyn, Brandon, and Mary Kaitlyn with the "scuba man" after the show.

Madelyn and Mary Kaitlyn in front of the penguin exhibit

Mary Kaitlyn and Brandon watch the penguins through the glass floor.

Mary Kaitlyn, Madelyn, Haley, and Brandon outside the Dixie Stampede. They enjoyed looking at the horses used in the show.

Buddy, Mary Kaitlyn, Haley, and Madelyn before the Dixie Stampede show

Haley, Mary Kaitlyn, Brandon,and Madelyn pose by a creek.

Madelyn works shifting her dirt looking for gems at The Mine.

Mary Kaitlyn works hard looking for precious stones at The Mine.

Haley, Mary Kaitlyn, Brandon, and Madelyn enjoying sticking their feet into this creek.

The girls outside one of my favorite eating spots in Gatlinburg

We enjoyed our adventure of trying to find our way through this maze of mirrors.

Outside of Ripley's Believe or Not Museum